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Design Concepts - CONTRAST

Information is free. A candle doesn't burn any less bright because it used its fire to light the next candle. And in that spirit I want to share some of MY favorite design concepts with you guys.

Today's concept is CONTRAST.

Contrast is used to describe the difference between two things. In TV's the contrast setting controls how bright your whites are versus how dark your blacks are. Using contrast to your advantage is recognizing how to make things POP.

For PRSNLTY concepts we use Low-Contrast as well as High-Contrast and each gives a different vibe (what that vibe means to you is up to you....I'm not here to tell you what to think...just how to think)


Low Contrast pieces like Excellence Sweatsuit are great for layering because they give you a background for other pieces to pop off of. Also the subtle color change when the light hits it makes you want to get closer and see what its about.


High Contrast pieces like the Good Night Ringer Tee scream LOOK AT ME without saying it directly. Your eyes are drawn to this POP of color in a sea of white.


How you use these concepts can really accentuate your style or if you're a designer really help you get the responses to the design you're looking for.

Hope you enjoyed this, next concept is coming soon!