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How You Can Be A Boss This Year

Follow These 3 Tips to succeeding in whatever your field may be.

  1. Planning – One of the hardest things to keep up with but always brings you joy in the end. Many times this past year we failed to plan for a few releases which lead us to forgetting important pieces to things, maybe a prop for a photo shoot, or forgot to use a color in a collection because someone forgot to write it down. PLAN PLAN PLAN & on PAPER too. If you can’t look at it, it wont be done.


  1. Be Ambitious – Start pushing yourself this year out your comfort zone. If you didn’t do it last year, do it this year. Time waits for no one and its time to get the ball rolling. I’ve always felt boxed in at a point and afraid to push myself to the next limit, but things get boring and repetitive. I want to stay fresh. Be ambitious and push yourself to the net level.


  1. Health – The number one key to it all working. Health is wealth. Everyone wants to work super hard but eventually your body will crash. Or no one wants to work because they have no energy. Last year I found out I was becoming very tired easily. I knew I needed more energy so I started to workout and intake foods that give me energy. Now I am able to crank out more and still give my body time to rest. In the end, I’m accomplishing more than pushing myself to the final limit every night.


These tips are key to success and will bring you at a higher level in life. The main focus of being a boss is taking care of your business at any given moment. Be wise, 2018 we will get this cash.


Shawn C.