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PRSNLTY by Makaila Nichols

If you aren't familiar by now, we at PRSNLTY represent a company moving forward into making the world a better place. We recently teamed up with Makaila Nichols to bring forth an Anti Bullying collection to bring awareness to Bullying as it is still a major problem going on now.


Circa 2017

We have known Makaila for a few years through our good friend Cody. She has been supportive of the brand and we have also been supportive of her. She is also an author of the published the book "Blatantly Honest." This was her first endeavor into the bullying world.

Being on board with this project we collectively want to bring awareness to issue so that a lot of people will no longer be bullied growing up.  Check out the pieces that are available now for purchase on Makailas site. Link below.

Bullying is still going on today and we need to band together to turn it down because kids really are getting depressed easily nowadays.