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PRSNLTY Chat with Kasey Makal

Recently, Kasey reached out to us about shooting some photos for the PRSNLTY line. Upon delving into her work, she had a very clean taste and it matched our style. After three shoots, posting & seeing the buzz she built with these photos I decided to take the time to find out more about her. Read below the interview we just had. 


Who are you?
My name is Kasey Makal and I am a photographer based in Orlando. 
Where are you from?
I grew up in the town of Land O Lakes, Florida, which was a fairly small town at the time (& also, weirdly enough, I lived down the street from where they filmed Edward Scissorhands, so that’s pretty cool).
What's the daily life of Kasey?
My daily life is waking up, going to class, then hanging out with two of my best friends, Emily and Charlie. Depending on the day, we’re either out adventuring, shooting, and scouting locations, or we’re sitting at home watching dumb tv, working on projects, painting, and hanging out.
How do you balance photography and school? How do you feel they influence each other?
Photography and school is difficult for me, personally, to balance. While one is my passion and my art, the other is essential for my future, so sometimes it’s difficult to balance that (and my job- i work at a radio station), but most of the time I end up choosing photography (sorry mom!). The two are interconnected without a doubt- I’m a digital media major, so a good amount of my classes have to do with design and looking at projects from many different viewpoints. By taking the lessons I learn from my classes, I find new and innovative ways to add elements to shoots, photos, and concepts that I wouldn’t have thought up before.
Film or digital photography?
The question of whether I favor film or digital photography is a difficult one. My love for photography started when I hogged my parents’ small point and shoot digital camera on a trip through the Mediterranean. However, I lost touch with photography for a couple years until a teacher of mine (shout-out Mr. Taylor) gifted me a few film cameras him and his wife got at a yard sale when I graduated high school. The genuine feel of the photos I was able to take with film renewed my love for photography. In my opinion, film is great to create those nostalgic moments in life, but most of the time, they are more grainy and less appealing commercially. For BTS work or just hanging out with friends, I really love it. When it comes to digital photography, I favor it when doing commercial work, such as clothing campaigns and music photography. There’s a lot more freedom to create different effects and to alter photos, which is crucial for needing to, for example, sharpen any logos, make the image crisp, and to make sure the lighting highlights and complements the subjects. There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to both, but I love working with both interchangeably to capture all possible aspects of the shot. 
How would you describe your personality?
My personality is a tough one for me to define, as I oftentimes struggle with knowing myself for who I am vs. the negative way I sometimes see myself. So, rather than doing it myself, I asked my friends- they know me better than anyone. 
- @alexsyshill (ig) : “one of the most genuine souls out there, someone you can really count on. witty, entertaining, cares deeply for those around her, and insanely talented. she’s someone who makes everything look easy, while remaining humble and grounded. whenever she’s around, I know I can let my guard down and be myself and be comfortable. her passion for her goals and dreams is infectious and allows others to feel the same and support everything she does with confidence. her essence really translates into photography, she captures the best parts of intimate moments of everyday life and does it with style and grace. it’s easy to see her grand potential if you know her. ”
- @emilygerkin (ig) : “PHOTO KHALEESI. Funny. Nice. Goes with the flow but will stand up when you need to. Strong Work Ethic, even when you’re feeling lazy you will get mostly everything done. Small, but big attitude. Loud, but in a quiet way (if that makes sense). Can you put bad bitch in there?”
- @saladga1 (ig) : "you’re kindhearted and literally one of the most generous people i know. you’re a very hard worker and you are extremely passionate about your art and what you create which makes me so frickin happy! you are so talented at what you do and are considerate of everyone you work with.”
- @lauraadesousa (ig) : “Kind, dedicated, determined, passionate.”
- @sierrabravee (ig) : "Kasey is a very kind person you can see that from the moment you meet her, she tries to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. She likes making people laugh and smile, very friendly very genuinely caring about people and animals.”
- @beccameginley (ig) : “you are extremely driven!!!! once you set your eyes on a goal, you wont let people stand in your way. you are also extremely compassionate and caring to those around you. team work make the dream work! and you use that to your advantage in a great way (unless they hold ya back). ”


Plug in whoever or whatever! 
There are so many people who have helped me along the way in many facets of my life. My friends, who I love with my whole heart, are my biggest inspirations, motivators, and muses. Some are quoted above (instagrams tagged). For those not quoted, their instagrams are as follows:
& also thank you mom for always letting me use your camera and to both of my parents for supporting me through every wild venture I go on. Love you!


Thank you everyone for reading.


Make sure you check Kasey out on her website & all social medias listed below: